Hello, fellow internet surfer. Right now you're on my part of the internet, my little piece in the whole thing, and I welcome you. My name is Stan Herben, I'm a digital designer who firmly believes that all experiences created, should be unified, or at least feel unified.

Things should be thought out but also felt out. To give an experience that will impact the greater good or the greater sense that makes up your life. To leave behind a promise, that sometimes, through all the chaotic noise, you'll find tranquility, a unified sanctuary of imperfections and perfections, a right balance. This is what I strive for in every given moment, to make the internet an adventure again.

In the five years that I've been active as a designer, I've had the opportunity to work for great startups and agencies with clients like Bol.com and ING. I had the chance to grow as a designer and person in all the directions I wanted to. From digital product design in creating website and apps to making motion graphics, prints and audiovisual works. And my curiosity for learning new things has never ceased to exist, since it is in learning new things that will give the great joy.

Take a look around, have your time, and whenever you feel like contacting me, I'm all ears.

Stan Herben